“Early in the morning, I’m wakin’ bakin’, drinkin’, contemplatin’… Ain’t no such thing as Satan, evil is what you make it”

Melbourne. After pulling an all-nighter, four hours to burn till my flight and ready to drop, I had to keep moving to stay awake. So Graffiti hunting I went…

This is what I like to see. Controversial? Does it make you blush? Does it turn you off? Does it turn you on? If you’re affronted, you might want to objectively ask why. I find it shocking but beautiful.

So this guy below. Went round writing on Graffiti he didn’t like with derogatory comments. What a joke.


I’m so fucking tired at this point. Just want to lie down and die for a few hours.

Honestly what a dumb idea. Getting up at 4am to get a flight, pulling an all-nighter with only 3 hours sleep the night before and booking your flight home for the afternoon the next day. Totally worth it though.

Meanwhile I’m surrounded by buff topless men, doing push -ups and various other exercises before posing for what I can only assume are porno comp cards. Or is it time for Cleo’s bachelor of the year awards?


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