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“Early in the morning, I’m wakin’ bakin’, drinkin’, contemplatin’… Ain’t no such thing as Satan, evil is what you make it”

Melbourne. After pulling an all-nighter, four hours to burn till my flight and ready to drop, I had to keep moving to stay awake. So Graffiti hunting I went…

This is what I like to see. Controversial? Does it make you blush? Does it turn you off? Does it turn you on? If you’re affronted, you might want to objectively ask why. I find it shocking but beautiful.

So this guy below. Went round writing on Graffiti he didn’t like with derogatory comments. What a joke.


I’m so fucking tired at this point. Just want to lie down and die for a few hours.

Honestly what a dumb idea. Getting up at 4am to get a flight, pulling an all-nighter with only 3 hours sleep the night before and booking your flight home for the afternoon the next day. Totally worth it though.

Meanwhile I’m surrounded by buff topless men, doing push -ups and various other exercises before posing for what I can only assume are porno comp cards. Or is it time for Cleo’s bachelor of the year awards?


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“Welcome to the house of fun.. welcome to the lion’s den, temptation’s on his way, welcome to the house of…”

I love the Adelaide Fringe. It’s a time of year in this small town where the weather is great, new people are about from all over the country and afar, amazingly awesome performances abound. The only thing that limits you is how much you have in your bank account. It’s great to be in this city for ‘Mad March’  and you feel like Adelaide might be an alright place and everything’s not lost…

… eye spy with my little eye

The trick to avoiding that massive hour+ long cue is to buy a ticket to a show. The fun of it being that you don’t know what is not going to be sold out and what kind of performance you’re in for…

… some cabaret/burlesque/comedy with additional help from a motley crew

Very cool… fourth & fifth down

… =D

Word spread of a secret bar (which after the first night wasn’t really a secret) but what had changed was that you now needed to know the password to get in. AMAZING. So after hearing the clues from the door guy; It’s somewhere in that direction (points), you can put it in a drink and it’s nine letters long… ??!!?? T. knew the doorguy but after offering to tell us the password and our insistance to then guess, after three failed tries he wouldn’t tell us =(.. he now wanted us to use our brains. So standing around and trying to listen in everytime someone came and guessed; some were right, others rejected and resigned to continue searching. Two slightly drunkish – some would call them oafs – had seen what was going on and wanted a piece. After hearing the clues and guessing twice.. they got it! Cranberry! Never judge a book by its cover.. then again the question was related to alcohol =P And we were in…

Down the rabbit hole…


A hidden oasis where the performers and smarty-pants come to drink…


… the ‘Prohibition Mule’ in my kind of glass

Smiley faces = excited to see the show ‘Soap’. Lithe, toned and wet boys and girls writhing around in bathtubs, hilarious & horny female “Charlie Chapman” style joker, acrobatics, aerial artistry and a love triangle thrown into the mix…

… and then this was the moment some worker/party-pooper said no photography allowed and I had to resign my camera for the night.

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“cause it’s a bitter sweet symphony this life.. trying to make ends meet you’re a slave to money then you diieee”

Sydney part two… Graffiti, homelessness, funny signs, street fashion, Mr bean car complete with Teddy, lovers, chocolate & a blurry Chinese New Year…

Coming up… Adelaide Big Day Out!!

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“You want me? Well fucking well come and find me.. I’ll be waiting, with a gun and a pack of sandwiches And nothing.. nothing.. nothing.. nothing”

Sydney.. through my eyes. The weekend I went for the Big Day Out.

Part one…

Part two is on it’s way… side note; who do I have to sleep with to get Radiohead tickets?

Read one awesome comment online about the issue of scalpers and I encourage everyone to do this…

Scalpers Suck Posted at 1:36 PM March 01, 2012

I encourage all radiohead fans to set up fake ebay accounts and make false bids on Radiohead tickets. Clicking “Buy it Now” removes it from the listings. I will get pretty annoying for the scalpers to have to constantly update their listing.”

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“Lookin’ in the sky for a gap in the clouds, Sometimes I think that sun ain’t never coming out.. But I’d rather be here than in that dirty old town, I had to leave the city cos it really brought me down”

Im behind. Very behind. On reviews, interviews, posts and Photoshopping. Living on a diet of coffee, gigs, cupcakes and quiche.. this is from 3 weeks ago =/ little Sydney outing..

Gave this guy $20 absolutely amazing to draw so well on that scale a fantastic version of an absolute masterpiece…

Pirates live here..

I have a thing for vintage green houses apparently..

Coolest breakfast/lunch cafe ‘BangBang’ in Surry Hills owned by ministry of sound DJ and some mighty tasty sweetcorn fritters

As if that last green house wasn’t quaint enough, loving the name of the street…

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“So someone take her picture, so I don’t forget her… I wish I had a polaroid, so I could remember”

One long walk on a hot 35 degree day to the only 120MM photo developers in the city with some moments later and 45$ poorer I got my summer snaps back that I took with my Diana F+. Currently I’ve just snapped on an instaback (turns it into a Polaroid camera) and have been pretty happy with the images. But decided to get out the 120 and use my Lady Di for what god intended and to be honest.. not worth it. I’m too broke right now to be spending 20$ a roll of film then $20+ on developing a single roll for about 10 shots. Might as well slap my instaback back on and buy the film for half the price on the internet and BAM already developed with one push of a button. It’s magical though the feeling of taking pictures and having to wait for them to be developed, you get one try and one try only and you don’t get that annoying “can I see the picture? How did I look?” order. These are just a few in their overexposed, underexposed, shaky, unfocused, magical, seventies style, imperfect in the most wonderful way possible photos!! Moments of summer bbq fun, more pics of Summadayze (yes I spent a hot 40 degree day with two cameras strapped to me) and all the in-between…

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“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike… I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like”

Yarn-bombing Tour Down Under-style… when grandmothers and men in lycra mix.. taken Lomography style with my mobile..

Nomads, hippies, gypsies, carny’s, bums, wanderer’s or whatever you would like to call them… French, South African and more.. juggling batons with fire, dancing in flames, singing Nick Cave while playing the Ukulele. Twenty dollars well spent.. sad that they seemed shocked at such an amount. People give them coins which I find embarrassing, this is their life, how much do you spend at the movies? On your daily caffeine fix? To get into a bar or club?.. yet people stand there and watch and take pictures and be entertained and then walk away or give them the measly pence, cents and occasional dollar. I’m pretty broke at the moment but what’s twenty dollars to me.. one cocktail, lunch, two magazines and some gum.. plus there’s five of them what are five people going to do with less than a dollar?! the guy in the blue shirt with his eyes wide open at the red note laughed, put his arms around me and in his thick French accent was like “what’s this? you want me to take my clothes off??”.. Pretty cool Friday night

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“Oh, there ain’t no love, no Montagues or Capulets.. are just banging tunes and DJ sets and… dirty dance floors, and dreams of naughtiness!”

I’m doing a ‘Billy Connolly’ where I leave a subject for posts on end and then come back to it later. Now is ‘later’ and I’m sharing some more amazing photography from the Ray Ban Photography Awards that my photos got into the Semi-Finals in 3 out of 4 categories (for those of you now joining me for the first time.. I was super excited and Tony Mott has seen my pictures.. HONOURED!!) So for the SOCIAL category I didn’t get any photos picked from these lot that I submitted…

This was taken at the lights with self timer, the shutter open for 10 seconds while the lights were green and us staying completely still.. the sacrifices I do for my art =P

A crowd shot in the Gold Coast at Good Vibes during while The Gossip was playing.. I just loved this guy singing his heart out

While crossing the lights on some street in Melbourne I judged the lighting from the setting sun and just shot this image, I love that the light is perfect especially with the girl’s hair on the left, the juxtaposition of it everything and image quality

Bit amateur this one but I love it.. living in London I would come to the East End and see these light installations and dreamed of doing this, more so with this band I was interviewing but I didn’t get the opportunity so on a casual visit to see close friends and we ended up here and I had to give it a go. Told everyone to stand in front of a colour and pull a funny pose. As you can see the girl second on the left (who I’d met that day) was totally uncooperative and effectively ruined my photo. Will definitely do it again with a better angle, better camera and not resting on some random persons car…

This is at a lookout in Lisbon that is amazing filled with locals, students, hippies, tourists, alternative families with their kids, hipsters, foreigners who have wandered off the beaten track and drug dealers. It has the most amazing view and everyone just sits and chills out, taking pictures of the view, chatting, drinking, smoking weed and you will always find a motley crue of musicians playing sporadically. A man with his guitar will start and then some random guy with an instrument will sit beside and join in and start jamming.. trumpets, tambourine, singers, more guitars, percussion an awesome spontaneous jam session just playing for themselves and for no-one in particular. It’s an amazing vibe and sangria & beer are only 2 Euros as you can see in the picture J. & I are just stacking them up and drinking away. So none of these got chosen.. (Boooooooooooooo) I guess looking at the rest of the SOCIAL pictures that some just weren’t good enough or sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, party, party enough.. here are some amazing pictures of my favourites…


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“Sunday mornings.. walking through the streets, breaking all the rules yeah.. falling back to sleep”


Set Sail gave an impromptu performance in Rundle Mall before their gig later that evening. Totally cool as you can see the drummer played with a turned over plastic bucket, cymbal in the floor, violinist plugged into an amp and all of them barefoot.


Police presence, religious preaching & pro-gay rights debaters fighting back with a scattering of free-huggers.. one guy was standing just behind me holding a sign saying ‘FREE HUGS – IM NOT WITH THOSE GUYS’.. =D

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“Then I look at you, and the world’s alriggghhht with me. Just one look at you.. and I know it’s gonna be.. a lovely daaayyyy”

A collection of moments throughout the weeks.. including; driving home past Belair National Park and thinking my area was in flames as I got further up the hill the sunny day was replaced with thick smoke. When I got a suburb away they had a teeny tiny sign on the side of the road explaining it was a burn-off. Even though it doesn’t look it in the pictures you couldn’t see more than 50 metres in front, it was quite beautiful even if I did smell like a  barbecue when I got home…


Someone thinks highly of themselves…

…. These next pictures are from this guy who just randomly plays the guitar in Rundle Mall, he just jams and sometimes plays recognised songs who sporadically shouted out ‘Peace!’, ‘Love!’, ‘Unity’.. he wasn’t asking for money, you could take a CD, leave cash if you want to or not but what caught my eye was this amazing ‘Local Revolution’ book that I looked through and was filled with messages of love, peace, proverbs, sayings, quotes in English and in other languages.. It was awesome… bummer that I only had my mobile on me…


Of course I had to write something.. my all-time favourite quote I wrote on the left with blue pen by Marianne Williamson (No not Nelson Mandela like that movie Coach Carter bloopered) “What is our greatest fear? Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” There’s more to it but I was late for the bus and had to run….

A day at the beach…

Foo Fighters at the Adelaide Oval…